The House Of The Dead 4


The House Of The Dead 4

The House Of The Dead 4

The House Of The Dead 4|Sega House of the Dead 4 Arcade Machine

Refurbished classic horror survival video arcade game

  • Latest in the series of Sega hugely successful horror survival franchise
  • Fully reconditioned by Liberty Games technicians

Manufacturer: Sega

Year of Release: 2005

About The Game:

The House of the Dead 4 is the latest in the series of Sega’s hugely successful horror survival franchise – spanning 4 arcade games, console ports and even a movie adaptation!

In this instalment you will experience a fear more than ever before with a huge amount of zombies to deal with.

In the game you play a government agent investigating “The Goldman incident” (see The House Of The Dead 2) who is involved in an accident that leaves you underground facing a vast number of zombies – you need to escape from as quickly as you can!

Game Features:

  • 2 player
  • Deluxe screen
  • Sega’s new Lindbergh Hardware System delivers graphics and sound approaching motion picture quality
  • A new weapon – your main weapon is a modified version of a sub-machine gun
  • New reload technique – a simple shake of your sub-machine gun delivers a new clip of rounds
  • Hand Grenade – push the button on the side of your sub-machine gun and watch your character toss a fragmentation grenade at the enemy
  • Hand to hand combat – if a zombie gets hold of you, shake your sub-machine gun to break free
  • Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere! 21 different types of zombies are joined by 3 kinds of mutant animals and 6 stage ending bosses!
  • 6 challenging stages with many player-selected routes deliver a new game play experience with just about every game!





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