Table Top Arcade


Table Top Arcade

Table Top Arcade

Arcade Classics Tabletop (Mega Mini) Arcade Machine™

Now play your favorite classic table arcade games anywhere! Experience a blast from the past with our world class, authentic, Arcade Classics Tabletop (Mega Mini) Arcade Machine™. Modern, state-of-the-art electronics play just like the original classic arcade games of the ’80s. Our Mega Mini Arcade Machine provides AUTHENTIC sounds, graphics and action transporting you back in time, just like you remember it from your local arcade.

This tabletop arcade machine is the largest of its type in the industry. Its dimensions are 13” wide x 25” long x 9” tall. This tabletop arcade machine boasts a large 15” diagonal screen. Yet it is compact, so it can go with you anywhere. It provides instant high energy entertainment for your home, business or favorite getaway spot! Our cabinets are compatible (via a Vertical Jamma PCB Arcade Game Board) with most of the classic games from the ’80s.

Our Arcade Classics Tabletop (Mega Mini) Arcade Machine™ normally runs for $1,395 but they are on sale this week for only $895. We offer a Three Year Warranty as well as *FREE Shipping to most areas! For over 40 years, Arcade Classics has been a leader in the classic arcade game machine industry, due to our world class arcade machines, impeccable customer service and experienced staff.

  • NAMCO 20 Year Reunion with Ms. Pac-Man®, Galaga®, Pac-Man®
  • Team Play 2005 re-release of Donkey Kong®, Donkey Kong Jr.®
  • Team Play board with Centipede®, Millipede®
  • 25th Silver Anniversary board featuring Space Invaders®, Qix®
  • NAMCO Classic Game Collection 1 with Galaga®, Xevious®, Mappy®
  • NAMCO Classic Game Collection 2 with Dig Dug®, Pac-Man®, Rally-X®
  • Monitor Size: Our 15” diagonal arcade monitor comes with a true 15″ viewable screen. On the other hand, competitors sell either the 13″ or 15″, LCD or LED computer monitor with a viewable area that’s 2 inches less than stated due to the frame of the monitor. This reduces their small viewable screen size even more.
  • Monitor View: Our full-view authentic arcade monitor allows spectators to have a consistent clear view of the action no matter what angle the screen is viewed.
  • Competitors use LCD or LED monitors that are not full-view. These low cost monitors, which are most commonly used for computers, are designed for “straight-on” viewing only. As a result, spectators will not be able to see the action clearly. Images become distorted when viewing the monitor at any other angle—the result is similar to viewing a laptop screen from an angle.
  • Only our full-view authentic arcade monitor gives spectators an amazing clear picture no matter where they stand, allowing them to enjoy the action along with the player.
  • Monitor Life Span: Our high-end, Military Grade, AUTHENTIC arcade monitors are designed for 24/7 heavy arcade use. On the contrary, all arcade machines sold today (except ours) come with the standard LCD or LED computer monitor which has a short life span.
  • Our monitors were designed by our engineers in the 1980s, well before computer monitors emerged. If you want an AUTHENTIC ‘80s arcade classic experience, just the way you remember it, it’s only possible with our 15” 4:3 Military Grade LCD Arcade Monitor. With this, you get the best of both worlds: the nostalgia of yesterday with the advanced technology of today—a combo rarely seen in our modern world. Classics games played on our machines look exactly as they did in their original form, but you also get to play them on a cutting-edge arcade monitor designed to run 24/7 and last decades. It’s a win-win!
  • Arcade Quality Joystick and Buttons: We cannot emphasize enough the importance of having arcade quality joystick and shooting buttons to give you that authentic feel… solid, smooth, controlled game movement just like you remember it. There is nothing, besides the monitor, that will ruin your playing experience and bring disappointment more than trying to play your favorite classic games with inferior joysticks and shooting buttons.



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