Killer Instinct Arcade


Killer Instinct Arcade

Killer Instinct Arcade

Description: Here is a Killer Instinct Arcade game for sale. Choose your champion and fight warriors and monsters alike in this brutal arcade fighting game, Killer Instinct.

Developed by Rare and licensed for release by Midway in 1994,  the Killer Instinct arcade game for sale followed in the vein of the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat fighting genre. It was hugely successful and featured many memorable characters, such as the skeleton with a cutlass and a velociraptor mutant.

Players fight to deplete their opponents two health bars and can perform various combos to cause further damage. You can purchase your very own original Killer Instinct! This game comes in the original arcade cabinet with all of the original artwork and the original circuit board. We can also fully restore this game with all new artwork, including full sideart for an additional $500.



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