Guitar Hero Arcade


Guitar Hero Arcade

Guitar Hero Arcade

Finally, an arcade version of the most popular video game of all time!
In Guitar Heroes, you can choose between 50 songs and jam out with the games 8 speaker sound system!
The game features a 32 inch plasma TV and hi definition graphics.
You can actually feel the bass from the subwoofers as you jam out! This cabinet has over 400 right LEDs and industrial strength guitars.
In the near future the game will be able to connect to the internet and new songs can be purchased.
Another very innovative feature is the ability to hook the monitor up to other monitors in your club or lounge and the audio can be hooked up to the house amp.

Raw Thrills, Konami, and Activision collaborate to bring one of the hottest entertainment franchises to arcades – Guitar Hero™ Arcade! This 2-player upright cabinet has been developed and designed to draw fans of the franchise and players out of their homes and into locations where the commercial arcade version can be found.

Guitar Hero Video Arcade Game Dimensions:

2″ Widescreen LCD Monitor – 1 to 2 Player Game

Height: 87″, Width: 39.5″, Depth: 33″

Weight: approx. 495lbs



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