Gauntlet Legends


Gauntlet Legends

Gauntlet Legends

Product Long Description:

Gauntlet Legends

Name: Gauntlet Legends

Manufacturer: Atari Games

Year: 1998

Type: Videogame

Class: Wide Release

Genre: Scrolling Fighter




Orientation: Horizontal

Type: Raster: Medium Resolution

CRT: Color

Conversion Class: JAMMA+

Number of Simultaneous Players: 4

Maximum number of Players: 4

Gameplay: Joint

Control Panel Layout: Multiple Player



Joystick: 49-position optical

Buttons: 3 [Fire|Magic|Turbo]

Sound: Amplified Stereo (two channel)


Cabinet Styles:



Gauntlet Legends Description

Gauntlet Legends was produced by Atari Games in 1998.

Atari Games released 86 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1984.

Other machines made by Atari Games during the time period Gauntlet Legends was produced include Area 51: Site 4, California Speed, Vapor TRX, Area 51/Maximum Force Duo, San Francisco Rush 2049, Maximum Force, San Francisco Rush The Rock – Alcatraz Edition, Tenth Degree, San Francisco Rush, and Beavis And Butt-Head.

Archer, Warrior, Valkyrie and Wizard journey through four worlds of fantasy adventure to find and defeat the evil demon Skorne.

Game Introduction

The four characters in game each have different statuses and limitations. The Archer is the fastest and her beginning status is Strength 200, Speed 600, Armor 200 and Magic 350. The Warrior is the strongest and his beginning status is Strength 500, Speed 300, Armor 300 and Magic 200. The Valkyrie is the toughest and her beginning status is Strength 300, Speed 400, Armor 500 and Magic 250. The Wizard makes the most magic and his beginning status is Strength 200, Speed 400, Armor 100 and Magic 600.

Each character also has a different experience level title:

  • Level 10: Scout (Archer), Hero (Warrior), Guardian (Valkyrie) and Mage (Wizard).
  • Level 25: Veteran (Archer and Warrior), Defender (Valkyrie), and Conjurer (Wizard).
  • Level 50: Ranger (Archer), Champion (Warrior and Valkyrie), and Sorcerer (Wizard).
  • Level 75: Master (Archer and Warrior), Captain (Valkyrie), and Archmage (Wizard).
  • At Level 99, Legend applies to all four characters.

Game Play

The game is similar in play to the original. Up to four players at a time can explore the different worlds, face hordes of monsters, search for treasure, avoid traps, pick up and use magic, and make their way to the exits. In addition, players also have to contend with boss enemies, solve puzzles, discover power-ups, and follow the stroyline. The game has four worlds and each world has a different boss enemy: the Dragon, the Djinn, the three-headed Chimera, and the Spider Queen.

The main object of the game is to defeat Skorne. To reach this enemy, you must collect all four keys, one from each boss enemy. The players must also collect all twelve Rune Stones that are hidden throughout the four worlds. After Skorne has been defeated, the game ends.



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