Frogger Arcade


Frogger Arcade

Frogger Arcade

Help your frog hop his way home across streets of crazy traffic and a rushing river. Released in 1981 by Konami, and licensed to Sega-Gremlin, the Frogger arcade game it is considered one of the classics of the golden age of arcades and has been reborn in many forms of modern media.


The goal of this classic is to direct frogs across a busy roads and rivers to their homes. There are many hazards along the way, such as cars, trucks, alligators, and sinking logs. Players use a four-way joystick to maneuver their frog around the screen and avoid becoming roadkill. Catching bugs or escorting a lady frog home can earn you bonuses!

Each level gets progressively more difficult as traffic speeds up and the river flows faster.

This classic game comes in an original wood grain cabinet with original artwork and a 19 inch CRT monitor. We can even fully restore the game to like-new condition with all new artwork for an additional $300. You can also upgrade to a 19” LCD monitor for $150!


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