Dragon Punch Arcade


Dragon Punch Arcade

Dragon Punch Arcade

Genuine Punching Dragon Arcade Machine – Retro – Games room – Not Mame – Mancave

Please do not mistake our machines with many of the others on the market. Ours are built to a very high specification using high performance components throughout. Please see our pictures which describe many of the features.


We offer two models. This listing being is fitted with the traditional “Square” 4:3 ratio monitor. It is a 20″ which gives the same height as a 24″ widescreen monitor. All Arcade games in the 70’s/80’s and 90’s were made for square screens so there are no unsightly borders OR a stretched screen as per what is seen on most other widescreen Arcade machines.


Our 2nd model is a large 27″ widescreen. We fill the screen however it is impossible to avoid a slightly stretched screen on these. The choice is yours – Authentic Square or Large Widescreen (Please note price is +£100 for the widescreen).


Once you have chosen which monitor you then can choose from 1 of our 3 main art packs shown – The original / Neon Shadow / Vintage retro. We can then customise your machine after this too should you so wish. (Please see our main pic as a recent example for a client)


Both the Authentic Square and Large Widescreen feature all the below professional grade features :

– Genuine Suzo Happ buttons

– Commercial grade Industrias Lorenzo Arcade sticks

– Fast response Cherry Micro-switches used throughout

– Toughened glass screen with safety mark (Not Plastic)

– Riot shield protected control panel (Not Plexiglass)

– Sony Audio with 18AWG cabling

– Dedicated Sub-woofer and Amplifier

Additional cost options:

– Add side art

– Add a coin mechanism

– Add blue tooth to the audio. This is perfect if the machine is to be placed in a party room, mancave etc

– Personalised marquee / add company logos etc




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