Donkey Kong Arcade Machine


Donkey Kong Arcade Machine

Donkey Kong Arcade Machine

Weight: 350 lbs

Year Released: 1981

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Max Creditable Players: 2

Restored Donkey Kong Arcade Game

Here is a Donkey Kong arcade game for sale.  Donkey Kong has won it’s way into history as one of the most iconic and classic arcade games ever created. Released by Nintendo in 1981, Donkey Kong was the first hugely successful Japanese arcade release in the USA.

The game follows Mario (originally called Jumpman) on his mission to save his girlfriend Pauline from the clutches of the evil Donkey Kong. Mario must climb girders and ladders and dodge the obstacles Donkey Kong throws down on him. One of those original cabinets can be yours! This classic arcade game is sold in the original cabinet with side art. This game includes an original Donkey Kong PCB circuit board, fully working controls and 19″ CRT monitor! This arcade cabinet is fully restored classic arcade, and it looks almost new!


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