Deadstorm Pirates|Namco Games-Dead Storm Pirates Deluxe Arcade Shooting Game


Deadstorm Pirates|Namco Games-Dead Storm Pirates Deluxe Arcade Shooting Game

Deadstorm Pirates|Namco Games-Dead Storm Pirates Deluxe Arcade Shooting Game

  • Throw yourself into the ultimate pirate & monster battle!
  • Upgraded DX cabinet
  • All machines fully reconditioned by trained Liberty Games technicians
  • High quality gaming graphics & sound
  • 2 x recoiling machine guns & 1 steering wheel
  • DEADSTORM PIRATES – Deluxe Arcade Machine
  • Manufacturer:Namco
  • Year of Release:2009
  • Come face to face with some of the most dangerous pirates to have ever sailed the seven seas. NAMCO’s Deadstorm Pirates features bloodthirsty battle scenes and dangerous waters as you avoid walking the plank and succumbing to enemy fire. Using guns, cannons and your own split-second reactions, you’ll outwit the pirates and monsters who would rather bury you at sea, Deadstorm Pirates combines co-operative play and modern arcade technology.
  • Life on the ocean waves requires serious weaponry, and Deadstorm Pirates gives you just that. One or two players can join forces using the included guns that have a realistic recoil built in. You’ll also take control of your vessel using the ship’s wheel as you come closer to your target: Poseidon’s Breath. With no fixed storyline, players can choose different starting points to change their game play experience.
  • The upright version is suitable for smaller arcades and venues, with a footprint requiring just one-quarter of the floor space of the larger unit, but if you have the space for the large theatre cabinet, you won’t regret the upgrade. The dark, mysterious interior gives way to a stunning 54″ screen. Once the game begins, the cabinet encloses the gamers and intensifies the atmosphere of the game, with 5.1 channel surround sound and moving seats adding the essential finishing touch.

About The Game:

You can surround yourself in the deluxe “theatre cabinet” of Deadstorm Pirates and once inside, the player is immersed into the wonderful pirate story.


You don’t just play the game, you’re in it!


Unlike traditional shooters where players have to follow a set storyline and path, Deadstorm Pirates has 4 selectable stages giving players a fresh new adventure and letting them play the game in the order they want to.


Players use both the recoiling gun and mounted steering wheel to shoot enemies and navigate through treacherous water all throughout the game. A new feature rewards cooperative play, a more powerful shot is created when players shoot the same target.


See if you have what it takes to sail the stormy seas and claim “Poseidon’s Breath.”



Standard Upright Cabinet features:

  • Single cabinet – less than one fourth of the size of the Deluxe
  • Suitable for smaller arcades & venues
  • 2 x High quality recoiling machine guns
  • 1 x Steering wheel
  • Excellent sound effects
  • Top grade gaming graphics
  • Vibrant pirate theme
  • Dimensions: 94cm (L) x 99.1cm (W) x 205.8cm (H)


Deluxe Cabinet Features:

  • Exclusive cockpit cabinet
  • Better suited to larger commercial venues
  • State of the art 5.1 surround sound
  • Superior sound effects
  • Mounted steering wheel
  • 2 x Recoiling machine guns
  • Full size 54″ LCD screen
  • Top of the range gaming graphics
  • Specialist pirate theme
  • Dimensions: 256cm (L) x 141cm (W) x 238cm (H)



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