Cyclone Pinball


Cyclone Pinball

Cyclone Pinball

  • The Barry Oursler classic, ready to play.
  • Fully reconditioned by our expert technicians.
  • Interactive playfield including a Ferris Wheel and Spook House.
  • A popular, collectible pinball machine.
  • Free delivery.

Cyclone, by Williams Electronics, is the second pinball machine in the series of three designed by Barry Oursler based on funfair themes. It was released in 1988 and was directly inspired by the Coney Island Funfair, and with just a glance at the playfield you can see why.

  • The game features a number of interactive funfair elements, including a Ferris Wheel that lifts the ball up to a ramp, as well as Spook House, the haunted house, and even a Mystery Wheel built into the backglass. There’s also the notoriously difficult Cyclone Ramp jackpot skill shot to master. A host of atmospheric sound and voice effects add to the funfair feel, and the playfield is beautifully illuminated with clear plastic ramps and targets.
    Pinball fans love Cyclone’s variety, its humour and its complex, engaging playfield. Lots of great memories were made in amusement parks around the world on this machine. 9,400 were produced in total, and this is your chance to own one, fully functional and reconditioned by our trained, expert technicians.
  • Art by Ronald Reagan fan Python Anghelo (look who’s riding the rollercoaster).
  • Theme loosely based on the Coney Island Funfair.
  • Sequel to Comet (1985) and precursor to Hurricane (1991).
  • Two rollercoaster ramps.
  • Interactive mechanical playfield features include a Ferris Wheel, which lifts the ball to a ramp, and Spook House, as well as the spinning ‘Mystery Wheel’ in the backglass.
  • Lots of carnival-style sound effects and speech.
  • Tricky Cyclone Ramp skill shot for the jackpot.
  • 12-month warranty for home users.




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