Area 51 Arcade


Area 51 Arcade


Area 51 Arcade

Area 51 Arcade Game

Here’s a Area 51 Arcade game for sale. Aliens have taken over Area 51 and infected the personnel there. Released by Atari in 1995, this light gun shooter is extremely popular in the shooter category. You are part of S.T.A.A.R., the Strategic Tactical Advanced Alien Response team.


Your mission is to enter the Area 51 complex and destroy the aliens and the infected zombie personnel. Ultimately you end up in the center of the facility and engage the nuclear self-destruct system, preventing the spread of the alien swarm.


Shoot alien infected personnel, power-ups for better weapons, ammo crates for larger clips, explosive barrels, and window glass. Area 51 was also released as a combo unit with Maximum Force.  This Area 51 is  in a conversion cabinet.

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Upgrade Options

Add Maximum Force Game ($200.00)

Original Dedicated Cabinet ($300.00)




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